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Frequently Asked Questions

What Meals Do You Provide?

What is the Teacher to Child Ratio?

What if my child is allergic to certain foods?

Do the children go on any field trips?

What Are the Staff Qualifications?

Does my Child Need to be Potty Trained?

What is Your Discipline Procedure

How Does Pick-Up and Drop-Off Work?

What meals do you provide?

A well balanced breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided once your child is on table food. Infant formula, baby cereal, baby fruit and vegetables are provided until your infant has reached table foods.

What is the teacher to child ratio?

Ratios vary by classroom. Beach Babies follows state ratio requirements (and are most times well below what is required) which are posted outside each classroom.

What if my child is allergic to certain types of foods?

We require that parents notify us of allergies for inclusion in the child’s medical file. Based on the child’s needs an allergy plan is created and the child’s teachers and kitchen staff are alerted. When a food is prohibited the child receives a substitution. Beach Babies is a “Peanut Free” environment.

Do the children go on any field trips?

Yes, we take class trips once the children are in preschool to enrich their learning experience. All field trip destinations are age appropriate. We have strict guidelines and procedures to ensure security while your child is out of the building.

What are the staff qualifications?

A criminal background check is required for all staff, along with CPR and First Aid training. Our preschool staff has Early Childhood/Elementary Education or are in the process of obtaining their degree. Additionally, all staff must complete a Child Development class within the first twelve months of employment. Each year all full time staff must complete eighteen hours of  training.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, but we encourage introducing potty training in our two-year old room. We have children sit on the potty and visit the bathroom during “potty time”. Children are never forced to use the potty, but become familiar with bathroom. This makes the transition much more comfortable for the child. Your child’s teacher will work together with you to ensure a positive experience.

What is your discipline procedure?

The techniques used by our staff will focus on positive reinforcement, positive role modeling by adults, intervention techniques and redirection. Providing the children with choices, foreseeing problems, and responding to their needs immediately, enables us to help redirect behaviors positively.

How does pick-up and drop-off work?

Each child must be checked in and out on the computer located in our lobby area. When you enroll you will be assigned a PIN number to sign your child in and out. We also keep an updated file of names, and phone numbers of those authorized to pick up in case of emergency. No child is released without proper authorization.