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    All of our Beach Babies Centers are Star Level 5. 

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Beach Buddies - Lewes School Age Care

Before School Program: Beach Buddies Before School program provides a morning program for children beginning at 6:30 until the school bus arrives. Each child will be offered breakfast and quiet activities until their busses arrive.

After School Program: Beach Buddies After School program begins at the end of the school day when children arrive by bus and ends at 6:00 p.m. A weekly planned curriculum will be posted that facilitates activities, outdoors time, snack, and allotted homework time.

School Closings/Holiday Care: Beach Buddies will provide care during school breaks, inclement weather and in-service weather and in-service day closings. We will keep children busy through fun activities and field trips. A separate form will be posted with the additional fees for such incidents.