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Making the Right Choice

As providers of early childhood education, we understand the importance of finding the right learning center for your child. For over 17 years Beach Babies Child Care has been providing an environment that is Safe, Educational, Nurturing and most important Fun.

Below are some tips to help you know what you should look for as you visit different programs.

This check-list will help you find the best environment for your child.

  • Is the program licensed through the state of Delaware?
  • Is the building secure with a system for checking the children in and out?
  • Are children supervised at all times?
  • Is the furniture safe and age appropriate?
  • Is the Curriculum going to prepare the child for kindergarten?
  • Do the activities address areas including cognitive, language, emotional and social development.
  • Infants should also have a curriculum.
  • Information should be sent home so you know what your child is learning.
  • What are the teacher’s educational levels.
  • What types of continuing education is offered to teachers.
  • How do teachers discipline children? (Hint: Discipline should be positive, clear consistent and fair)
  • Do all teachers and children wash their hands before eating after using the bathroom and after diaper changing?
  • Is place where diapers are changed clean?
  • Do caregivers always keep a hand on the child while diapering?
  • Is the surface cleaned and sanitized after changes?
  • Has the Director worked in child care at least two years?
  • Does the Director have a college degree in Early Childhood?
  • How many children are being cared for in the child care program?
  • How many teachers will be with my child?
  • Are records up-to-date immunization records kept?
  • Are all toxic supplies like cleaning and pesticides kept away from children?
  • Is poison control information posted?
  • Is there an emergency plan if a child is injured, sick or lost?
  • Are there First Aid Kits?
  • Does the program have a plan in case of a disaster like fire, tornado, flood, blizzard or earthquake?
  • Does the program do practice drills once every month?
  • Can teachers be seen by others at all times, so a child is never alone with one caregiver?
  • Is medication kept out of reach from children?
  • Are teachers trained and the medication labeled to make sure the right child gets the right amount of medication at the right time?
  • Are teachers CPR and First Aid trained?
  • Is playground regularly inspected for safety?