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Before and After School Program


Our After School Program Offers:

  • Opportunities for active play and a healthy snack before settling down to do homework.
  • Frequently self-directed and self-selected activities.

Our program provides safe convenient care for your child before and after school hours, and during school breaks and closings. School age children have limited outdoor time during the school day. Therefore, opportunities to run, do sports and play outside are important to meeting overall developmental needs of children in this age group. A healthy snack will be provided upon arrival time from school. A “quiet” area for homework will be available in addition to other activities, which will curb rambunctious behavior. Blocks of free-choice time will encourage self-sufficiency, development of friendships, sound decision-making and problem solving. The classroom will have many “self-selections” of activities, experiences and materials for children to choose from.

Before School Program: The Before School program provides a morning program for children beginning at 6:30 until the school bus arrives. Each child will be offered breakfast and quiet activities until their busses arrive.

After School Program: The After School program begins at the end of the school day when children arrive by bus and ends at 6:00 p.m. A weekly planned curriculum will be posted that facilitates activities, outdoors time, snack, and allotted homework time.

School Closings/Holiday Care: We will provide care during school breaks, inclement weather and in-service weather and in-service day closings. We will keep children busy through fun activities and field trips. A separate form will be posted with the additional fees for such incidents.

Summer Camp: Summer Camp is a full day program beginning at the end of the school year during the summer break. Fun and adventure happen every day through exciting field trips, guests, arts, crafts, science and service learning projects. Information is available March of each year!