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Three-Year-Old Program

Three-year-olds are full of curiosity and spend a great deal of time observing the world around them. Our program uses this opportunity to focus on academic readiness skills.

Children learn to recognize an expanded range of shapes and numbers. In addition, techniques are used to enhance the child’s ability to associate groups of letters with spoken words, and children are encouraged to tell stories.

Teachers stimulate the child’s understanding of cause and effect and inquisitiveness through activities that present real-world situations. Age-appropriate, interactive learning areas are available for the children to explore and learn as they play. Support and involvement of parents is encouraged through daily reports.

Three-Year-Old Curriculum & Milestones

Beach Babies curriculum provides developmentally and age-appropriate activities and materials, developing essential school readiness skills through exploration, investigation, and of course, fun! While it is extremely important to understand that all children develop at their own rate, below are some typical milestones you can expect to occur.

Development/Emergent Literacy

  • Answers simple questions about a story, rhyme or song
  • Communicates through scribbling
  • Speaks in longer sentences


  • Can count to 10 and beyond
  • Learns patterns and series of objects
  • Knows written numbers represent quantity

Learning About the World/Science

  • Uses objects in a variety of ways
  • Can notice differences in results
  • Uses tools and measuring devices to explore

Social & Emotional Development

  • Eager to help with chores
  • Begins to cooperate with others
  • Increased ability to follow rules

Approaches to Learning

  • Makes independent choices
  • Becomes more imaginative and inventive
  • Participates in a wider variety of experiences

Physical & Health Development

  • Increased coordination to use scissors, hole punch
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Point to body parts when named