Beach Babies Child Care

Lewes, Rehoboth, Milford, & Townsend


Safety & Security

To ensure the safety, security and well-being of the children in our care Beach Babies Child Care has procedures and standards in place. This includes a safeguarded entrance with a secured keypad entrance. Monthly Fire Drills, Yearly Lock Down Drills and monthly inspections of playground equipment are also conducted.

Surveillance Video

Cameras are located in each classroom, throughout the center and also on the playgrounds. This allows observation of children and teachers while they are at the center. Should an incident occur, our Program/Director or Administrator in charge will review any footage and provide families with detailed accounts of the footage observed. Beach Babies prohibits parents, guardians, or any other outside entity/person from viewing video footage because it is a violation of privacy.


All visitors to our center are greeted in our lobby AND directed to the sign-in book which states the purpose of their visit. Picture identification is required from all unfamiliar visitors. A visitor listed as an authorized person to pick up a child must still show proper identification if the director and or staff do not know him/her.

Playground Equipment and Furniture

The playground equipment meets all safety requirements as specified and is securely anchored. This is checked routinely by our maintenance staff.


We participate in many different tuition assistance programs.

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Knowledge and advice from a confident team of care providers.

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