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Our children have both attended Beach Babies in Lewes. We are so happy with the level of care they have received. The staff is friendly &  knowledgeable, and the center is clean and convenient for us. Both of our boys have been happy &  well cared for while at Beach Babies, and this provides us with peace of mind while at work each day.

- Barbara

I have a child in the infant room.  My child has been in the program since she was six weeks old.  As a parent, I love knowing my daughter is in the hands of such caring staff members. They are very accommodating to her ever-changing needs!

- Cheryl

I love Beach Babies. I have 2 kids (a daughter 5, and a son 2) who attend 3 full days per week. Both of their teachers and classrooms are wonderful. The administration has been more than willing to work with us and meet regularly regarding our individual needs.

- Jacky

Beach Babies has been and still is an integral part of raising our two kids, Grayson and Delaney. The educators at Beach Babies are obviously excited about the learning process in young children, encouraging them as they mature and grow, and delighting in their progress. They interact with the kids and show sensitivity, respect, and affection. I am so impressed with how the teachers engage the kids in life skills such as sharing, communicating, expressing ideas and needs, empathizing, and being helpful to others. I appreciate the detailed curriculum, the open communication with center management and teachers, the variety of stimulating and enriching activities they offer to the kids, and the various community outings. They have done a wonderful job teaching our kids their letters, numbers, colors, handwriting, and preparing them for kindergarten. We initially chose Beach Babies because of their reputation in the community. We stay at Beach Babies because they are our family. There is nothing more comforting than to know your children are being cared for by people who have the same values, hopes, and dreams as we do. I am happy to know that the teachers care for and love our children so much — I cannot be with my children 24/7 and I am glad that the caring teachers from Beach Babies are there when I am not.

- Kathleen Weissberg

Today we are putting in our two weeks notice for Alexa Yaniak at Beach Babies in Rehoboth, we have new arrangements for her. I would like to mention the excellent work that Ms. Nicole and Ms. Dijonne have done. They were very caring and formed a special bond with Alexa, and I’m sure they will miss each other. After a few weeks we were all on the same page and Alexa was doing very well in your daycare. Danielle and I are extremely pleased with the work that they have done, and Beach Babies as a whole, and would not hesitate to recommend your daycare to anyone. Thank you for all that you have done for our daughter.

- Kevin Yaniak

Beach Babies is a great place for my daughter. She loves her teachers and has fun each day. I have confidence that the teachers and staff provide great care to keep her safe and happy. The curriculum and other activities provide her with a terrific environment in which to grow and learn. Thank you, Beach Babies!

- Kim Anderson


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