Beach Babies Child Care

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Beach Babies Child Care provides bus transportation at all of our locations. Our school buses are manufactured to meet all federal and state motor vehicle safety standards, which require heavy gauge construction with side impact barriers. In addition to these requirements, we have equipped our buses with seat belts and child safety scan.

Child scan is an electronic reminder system that requires the driver to walk from the front to the rear of the bus to disengage the system after the ignition has been turned off. The child scan system helps remind the driver to make a visual check from front to back of the bus for any left articles and any passengers who have not exited the bus. We are committed to providing the safest transportation possible.

Beach Babies Townsend location currently contracts any field trips out to a local yellow bus company. We have the bus company’s insurance on file and all drivers are fingerprinted and have a criminal background check.


We participate in many different tuition assistance programs.

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Knowledge and advice from a confident team of care providers.

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